Fast, Local Service. No Data Limits.

Highspeed Internet For Freistatt, MO

Internet Service Area:

  • Joplin, MO
  • Diamond, MO
  • Carthage, MO
  • Oronogo, MO
  • Sarcoxie, MO
  • Freistatt, MO
  • Fidelity, MO
  • Stark City, MO


Internet signals need clear line of sight to function at full speed. You have options to either remove the obstructions or go above them with a tower. For more info click here. 

No data limits on upload or download. 

About 20 miles with clear line of sight. 

No, as the signal passes below the clouds from the tower to your house and rain is virtually invisible to the signal on our 5ghz system. 

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Read our guide here

Better than Satellite Internet.

  • Business Class Service
  • No Data Limits
  • Local Support
  • Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Network
  • Low Ping/Jitter Latency**
  • 4K HD Streaming Compatible
  • Gaming Console Compatible
  • Local Customer Support

We are a privately owned internet provider for rural areas in Freistatt, Missouri 

* Our ISP utilizes fiber optic internet, broadcast wirelessly from Access Points across SW Missouri to your home, business, and enterprise.

Bad weather doesn’t effect the speed or reliability of our service

Get broadband internet speeds, that are 100x times faster than satellite internet! We also offer full end-to-end encryption services for robust security as well as managed LAN/WIFI services with Service Level Agreements for guaranteed low latency service.

No data limits or throttling

Take an internet speed test on our network to see the difference for yourself. We are among the fastest internet providers in southwest Missouri.


100% Locally Owned. Founded in Diamond, MO.

*Service Not Available In All Locations. **Latency/ping time depends on a variety of factors.

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Did you know?

-Make sure your device is directly plugged into your router for accurate results. Walls and furniture can slow down WIFI signals. 

Mbps – Megabits per second shows how fast you can stream movies or upload and download files.

Download Speed – This is the maximum amount of data your computer can receive from the internet at one time.

Upload Speed – This is the maximum amount of data your computer can send to the internet at one time. 

Ping – The round trip time it takes a single bit of information to travel from you to the destination and then back. A low ping is critical for online games and VoIP.

We maximize your internet

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