3 Ways To Get Internet In Rural Areas

Are you living in a place where the internet seems harder to catch than fireflies on a summer night? Don’t worry! We’ve got three simple ways to bring the internet to your doorstep, even if you’re surrounded by fields, hills, and countryside.

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  1. Fixed Wireless Internet: Imagine having the internet ride on invisible waves through the air, just like your favorite radio station. Fixed Wireless Internet does just that! It connects to a nearby tower and sends internet signals to a dish on your home. It’s like magic beams carrying the internet straight to you, making it a fantastic option for rural areas.

  2. LTE Hotspot: Picture a small, powerful box that fits in your pocket and creates a Wi-Fi zone wherever you go. That’s an LTE Hotspot! It uses cellular data signals to bring the internet to your devices. It’s like having your own personal internet bubble that you can take anywhere, even to the most remote places.

  3. Starlink: Ever dreamed of having internet from space? Starlink makes it possible! It’s like having a tiny satellite dish on your house that talks to satellites in the sky. These satellites then beam internet signals down to you. Starlink is perfect for places where traditional internet options might struggle to reach.

Now that you know these three fantastic options, getting internet in rural areas doesn’t have to feel like a puzzle anymore. Choose the one that fits your needs, and say hello to the world wide web, no matter how far off the beaten path you are!

*Intellilink is not affliliated with Starlink